2018 - Inishtrahull Irish Whiskey Brief - Concept a Whiskey brand, story, branding and packaging design.

The Story

In 1929, a young man from Derry, Ireland called Shane O’ Neill, just finished his trade as a Blacksmith like his father and his father before him. He decided to leave his beloved city and set for America. Upon his departure, Shane’s father kissed him goodbye and handed him a bottle of whiskey with a note tied to the bottle. His father told him to take care of himselfand to remember Ireland in his heart, instructing him to take a drink of the whiskey when he passed Inishtrahull Island (the last sight of Ireland) and then read the note attached to the bottle. As the light of Inishtrahull Lighthouse faded in the distance, Shane made a toast to Ireland and read the note. It was a family reciepe for special Whiskey, passed down from his Grandfather. He was astonished. When he Arrived in New York he kept the reciepe safe and later built a metal container to keep the bottle of remaining whiskey and the reciepe safe. Shane went on to create a distillery of his own with his blacksmith skills and special reciepe. Every time he tasted his whiskey he was reminded of his last sight of Ireland, Inishtrahull Island and its lighthouse.

Thus Inishtrahull Irish Whiskey was born.

Packaging Design

Hip Flask

Glass Coaster Design

T-Shirt Design